Doodlers is a brand that is inspired by the science of doodling and kids. Doodlers focuses on igniting the creative imagination and possibilities that reside amongst kids. If your product shares the same DNA; then a partnership with Doodlers is its true calling.

Doodlers is a BCCL trademark and it will bring all its media assets to the fore to expedite growth and bottom line for the products its houses under its roof.

Times group has close to 2 centuries of experience in helping build India’s most trusted brands and gives us the confidence to help in your journey of creating a product which will positively affect the lives of its customers.

This is how it works:

  • You the entrepreneur with great promise and product will leverage the Doodlers brand credibility
  • Times groups media assets are leverage to create a recognition for your products in market.
  • A dedicated team works with you to create a meaningful business plan
  • BCCL will share your risk in the spirit of partnership without you having to pay for advertising upfront
  • Doodlers will also house other products of non-competing nature with similar positioning to ensure you benefit with continuous visibility for the brand.