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About Doodlers

DoodlersTM will sketch for tweens a world away from everyday reality to one of possibilities and imagination. A world that seamlessly integrates the unspoken and visual imagination of tweens into the tangible. Our products and experiences promote self-expression and creativity thus increasing an affiliation with the young Doodler.

Through our product range of apparel, bags, activities, content, associations and offers we constantly strive to build a positive environment of learning, exchange and ownership. Every tween will find their place in DoodlersTM to grow into progressive, confident and empowered young minds.

Welcome to the world of Doodlers Apparel

Doodlers apparel is a fun way to connect creative, new outlooks with fresh looks! Designed against the mundane, our clothing apparel encourages tweens to stand out from the crowd and celebrate their uniqueness. With a wide range of creatively designed apparel, we've captured a child’s varied imagination in the form of t-shirts, and an up-coming range of apparel. What's more? We've also brought these doodles to life with a variety of fun and vibrant colours.
An outlet for everyday creativity, Doodlers equips the wandering mind of a tween with the right clothing to suit their wandering spirit.


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