Doodlers have leapt from the back pages of school notebooks, into our social media feeds.

DoodlersTM captures this imaginative world, full of expression, fun, and opinion. A brand that understands the evolving culture of today and tailor fits it for tweens. One where they can find what they stand for and ways to express it.

Our extensive range of apparel and exclusive products, content, associations, and offers, kindles the imagination of the young mind and helps them evolve into confident young adults, who know themselves.

Brand philosophy

DoodlersTM is the voice of the adults of tomorrow. Aged 4-15 years, they have access to more inspiration and platforms of expression than any other generation. And we’re right there with them, helping them discover and rediscover themselves, echoing the way they look at the world.

Doodlers partners with influencers of our target audience and provides useful insights into the minds and thoughts of today’s tweens. Understanding their dreams, realities, environments and aspirations, thus creating relevant and memorable connections that are appealing, entertaining, safe and family inclusive.